Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Throwing Molotov Cocktail is Cowardice

I must condemn the equivalent to terrorist act of throwing the Molotov cocktail at the house of Chong Chieng Jin in Kuching.

It is a cowardice act and totally uncalled for. There is no need to resort to this kind of doing it behind one’s back kind of thing.

This is completely untypical of what a civil and democratic society should be and it leaves a bad example for others to emulate. This must stop.

It is most disheartening that some people in this peace loving country would resort to anything just to get on to another person even if the act is immoral, violent and criminal.

Whatever it is, in a democratic society like ours, whatever the differences are, there are many channels and avenues to allow for expressed opinion or debate to settle one’s differences.

Political motives cannot be ruled out in throwing the Molotov cocktail into the house of Chong Chieng Jin as Chong is nothing but politics. As a Member of Parliament and Sarawak State Assemblyman , he eat, sleep and live politics. It is very unlikely that matter can be personal.

I call on the Police to go all out to catch the culprit and let him or her be punished as we do not want to see this kind of thing happening to anybody or any politician be they from the ruling or opposition party or independent, in our country. The police must not leave any stone unturned including the likelihood of political motives behind the whole thing.

I also urge that police to step up it forces and bring down the crime rate in our state to a minimum as the criminal are seen to be getting more and more fierce and frequent, breaking into homes, snatching gold necklaces, stealing cars in our State because they know more often than not they can get away with it. And now come the Molotov cocktail, who knows what could be next if crime are not stopped immediately and effectively.

I have SMS to Chong Chieng Jin to express my regrets for what had happened but nevertheless glad that no big harm is done to the house or family members. Chong had replied and said that he is thankful for my concerns as well as many other people.

Chiew Chin Sing
10th June, 2009

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