Monday, June 8, 2009

Stop Creating Split in PAS and PR

Prime Minister Najib should not busy himself with asking PAS to join UNMO to form
the government. Instead he should be more concerned with pertinent and pressing issues like saving the economy, fighting corruption, racial and other issues in the country.

Pakatan Rayat (PR) comprising of DAP, PAS and PKR are working well as a coalition and there is no need for the Prime Minister to be jealous of it and try to break the coalition by sweet talking to PAS.

In fact the very idea of the formation of the PR is to bring about the formation of a two party system in Malaysia where the people will have an alternative choice for government during election.

The two party system is a healthy political development in Malaysia after 50 years of ruling by non other than UNMO and their component parties which has brought about much corruption, abuse of power, disharmony etc etc.

Face with the loosing support of the BN as led by UNMO after the last general election, It is understandable that Prime Minister would want to break up the PR coalition for their gain. With the support which the people are throwing at the PR, the BN is seeing the last days of their once mighty empire. The Prime Minister knows it and he is worried.

Differences of views in a democratic party is normal, the fact that President of PAS have a different views with the rest of the members in talking to UNMO is nothing new. But at the end of the day the party as a whole decide.

I am sure that PAS will not forget who was it that took away the Meteri Besarship of PAS in Perak. So then, who in the right set of mind will then want to work with an enemy like that?

I therefore urge that all parts to stop harping on the issue to create political instability in PAS, PR and country but to put our hearts and mind to save our economy.

Chiew Chin Sing.

June 9, 2009.

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