Thursday, December 10, 2009

Written Answer Just Received for Question Asked in May 2009 Sitting on Drain Cleaning in Bintulu Town and RPR/Kidurong

YB Encik Chiew Chiu Sing
N. 59 (Kidurong)

Question No. 3

To ask the Chief Minister: The schedule of drain flushing/cleaning for:

a) The old Bintulu Town and Taman Sri Dagang
b) Parkcity Commerce Square
c) Medan Jaya Commercial Centre
d) RPR Kidurong Phase II


The schedule of drain flushing/cleaning in all four areas raised by YB from Kidurong is done monthly. All commercial areas like in the first three areas are done by BDA direct labour and equipment whereas residential areas like RPR Kidurong is done by BDA contractors as part of the grass-cutting contract.

Other than scheduled cleaning, immediate action will be carried out in the case of blockage especially after a heavy rain or a complaint raised by any member of the public. So far, BDA was able to follow the schedule of cleaning in commercial areas. It must be noted that even though grease traps are already in use, drains are still greasy due to the presence of many food outlets in the town area.

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