Friday, December 11, 2009

Written Answer Just Received for Question Asked in May 2009 Sitting on Traffic Alleviation for Parkcity Commerce Square Area


YB Chiew Chiu Sing
N. 59 (Kidurong)

Question No. 4

To ask the Chief Minister: To state:

(a) The measures that will be taken to resolve the double and triple junction situations between Phase II and III at Parkcity Commerce Square. These junctions are very difficult and conducing for road users.

(b) Whether the Ministry will improve the general traffic situations at the Parkcity Commerce Square with more traffic signboards and more conspicuous road signs or lines.


Parkcity Commercial area is a new prime commercial area within the central business district of Bintulu. The traffic flow there as done in accordance to the approved plan. It is a large area with some parts yet to be completed, much as the new bus terminal and food court. With a hotel and shopping mall already in operation, the traffic in the area is rather heavy. Marking and road-lining as well as traffic signage have been done to ensure that traffic flow is properly regulated.

In the capacity of Chairman of the Divisional Road Safety Council, the Resident of Bintulu has called a meeting and a site visit last month to study the traffic flow in the area. BDA has proposed to the divisional council a new traffic flow pattern including improving bottlenecks. The proposal was approved and awaiting implementation. By then, appropriate and standard road signs will be put up to ensure that there is no more difficulty and confusion among motorists.

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