Sunday, December 13, 2009

Written Answer Just Received for Question Asked in May 2009 Sitting on Garbage Collection at Sungai Plan Flat


YB Encik Chiew Chiu Sing
N. 59 (Kidurong)

Question No. 8

To ask the Chief Minister: What are:

(a) The reasons for untidy garbage collection at Sungai Plan Flat where often rubbish are left uncollected outside the collected emptied garbage bins.

(b) Measures to be taken by the Ministry to ensure efficient garbage collections at Sungai Plan Flats area at all times?


Through the existing contractor, BDA has been collecting domestic waste twice a week from the Sungai Plan housing area including the flats. At the flats area, BDA has provided 39 garbage bins of various sizes. With such a capacity, it is more than enough to cater for the 216 units housed in nine blocks. They generate approximately 1000 kg of waste per day. There should not be an overflow of garbage.

As the area is a strata titled property, the developer – Sarawak Housing and Development Corporation (SPPS) has provided four workers to do the general cleaning including sweeping (twice a week) within the vicinity of Sungai Plan Flat. To improve the effectiveness of rubbish collection at Sungai Plan, BDA has built platforms for RORO bins. BDA will also work with the management of SPPS to ensure that littered garbage is scooped into the bins by the workers. BDA will also seek the cooperation of the residents there to keep the bin area clean by ensuring that the wastes are properly dropped into the bins. Notices and signs to this effect will be put up.

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