Friday, April 2, 2010

Students Selling Drugs (English Text)

My Response to 14 students arrested for dealing with drugs in Bintulu

It is indeed most regrettable that students were involved in selling drugs here in Bintulu as the students’ lives should be about studying and schooling.

Drug is a dangerous thing and students really have no business being close it at all.

It is not hard to imagine that when students sell drugs who would they be selling the drugs to. Of course to people about their own age. This is bad and must be stopped.

I urge the parents to keep on their children at all times and teach them to stay away from drugs.

I would also like to call on teachers to be ears and eyes also and to report to the authority on anything involving drugs in school.

The police must keep the operation on front burner so as to put a stop to drugs in our school and among our young people.

I also urge that the public to keep an eye on drug in our society. Love our children and help them to stay away from drug.

Chiew Chin Sing.

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