Thursday, April 8, 2010

Federal Govt Must Allocate Fund for 2nd Kidurong Highway (Chinese & English Text)



[ 可是叫我感到最遗憾的是,人民呐喊了这么多年,只见现有的吉都隆大道的状况却每况愈下。]






而且不止是塞车,该道路行驶的车辆小的从摩多西卡,大的到拖卡车,各自在大道上赶路真是惊险万分, 许多严重的车祸都已发生过了。




Media Statement by Chiew Chin Sing, Chairman DAP Bintulu Branch , DAP Sarawak Deputy Chairman and Sarawak State Assemblyman for Kidurong on 7th April, 2010.

State Assemblyman for Kidurong Chiew Chin Sing said that it is high time that the Federal Government should allocate the money to build a second Kidurong highway.

‘It is most regrettable that after years and years of outcry from the people using the road yet nothing is done as the traffic situation gets worst and worst by the day.’

Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib must hounor his words and promises to develop Sarawak as it is time that the road system in Sarawak be developed, at least close to that in West Malaysia, else his words are nothing but mere political slogans.

There had been so much talk also about the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) but if the money for building the infrastructures does not come down, one wonder how the place could ever be properly developed for all to benefit. Kidurong road will only get more and more congested.

The dual carriage Kidurong highway built some 30 years ago had served its purpose. It is becoming too jammed for use especially during office hours. She had been one of the highest income generating road for the country for all these years.

What used to be a 20 minutes drive for the whole length of the road is now taking about an hour. During office hours the road is just jammed the whole way with cars stacking up tail to tail for almost the whole length of the road.

Frustrations can run high and temper flare in situations like these and there is no reason that the people using the Kidurong road should suffer like that each day.

And it is not just the jam, driving on such a busy highway when all types of vehicles ranging from motor cycles to trailer are each claiming their roads to the use of the road can be dangerous. Some many accidents had occurred.

How many more accidents will it take before the Fedeal Government wake up and empathize with the people of Kidurong and allocate the fund.

I urge the Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib Bin Razak to wait no more and have no second thoughts that the fund to build a second highway to alleviate the Kidurong road traffic must be allocated immediately.

Chiew Chin Sing.

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