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10 Questions from Me for the Sarawak State Legislative Council Meeting from 9 - 18 November 2009 (English & Chinese)

Ten Questions from me for the Sarawak State Legislative Council meeting from 9 - 18 November 2009.

1. To ask the Honourable Minister of Finance to state:
With regards to the national stimulus plans for economic recovery ,
i) the amount and categories of money received thus far,
ii) channel of distributions of the funds from the Federal to State and on down,
iii) the steps taken by the government to ensure transparency
iv) the impact of the stimulus plan on our local economic recovery thus far.

2. To ask the Honourable Minister of Environment and Public Health to state:
i.) the extend of the spread of the chikungunya Virus in human throughout the whole state of Sarawak,
ii.) the ways which the Public Health Department use to determine the virus and how long is the process taking,
iii.) the steps taken by the Ministry to overcome and control the spread of the disease, is there a vaccine available,
iv.) the extend and success of fogging carried out thus far.

3. To ask the Honourable Chief Minister to state:
i) the figures for the break down of drug abuse in Sarawak by age and gender for the past five years in Kuching, Sibu, Bintulu, Miri and Limbang,
ii) the steps taken by the ministry to prevent drug abuse in terms of its sources, distributions and end users, especially with our youths,
iii) The success of the operations carried out by the police at karaoke, night spots and other operations on drug abuse,
iv) The extend that drug abuse and usage is related to break ins, snatchings and other crimes.

4. To ask the Honourable Chief Minister to state:
in the application for approval, from the State Planning Unit, on sub division plan for housing/shops development projects or Application for Variation of Title Condition (AVTC),
i) the number of applications which are still waiting for approval between 1-2 years, 3-5 years, 5-7 years and 7-10 years and over, for all Divisions in the State of Sarawak.
ii) The normal time taken for the application to obtain approval, the reasons for long approval and the steps taken to minimize them.
iii) The number of housing development project, of area size ten acres and more, been exempted from building low cost housing and why, if any.

5. To ask the Honourable Chief Minister to state:
i) the status of the 20 foot crater opening, of an area of about the size of 20 foot ball field of barren land situated about 38 KM away from the Miri airport and towards the Marudi town, whether it is a volcanic,
ii) Whether any study had been carried out about the crater, its surroundings and fillings, if so, what are the findings.
iii) Future government plans for the area.

6. To ask the Honourable Minister of Social Development and Urbanisation to state:
i) the status of the cemetery at Mile 26 Bintulu/Miri road,
ii) whether a management body had been/will be appointed to take charge and manage the cemetery,
iii) plot allocations plans,
iv) the plan for infrastructure and landscaping of the area.

7. To ask the Honourable Minister of Infrastructure Development and Communications to state:
In view of the busy business activities at Medan Jaya and Assyakirin commercial centers area where crowds are seen on the road sides either waiting to cross the busy four lane Kidurong highway or waiting for transport,
i) the plans for pedestrian crossing between Medan Jaya and Assyakirin commercial centers.
ii) Whether an overhead bridge could be built, if so when? if not why?
iii) Plans for picking up bays for those waiting for transports.
iv) General management of the area to keep the place safe, tidy and clean.

8. To ask the Honourable Minister of Infrastructure Development and Communications to state:
In view of the much longer distance between the Sg. Plan Flat and SMK Asyakirin at Sg. Plan Housing area, Kidurong, a short cut had been used by the students across the stream and up the hill to the school for a few years already,
i) whether there is a plan to build a permanent crossing and walkways with canopy to ensure the comfort and safety of the students using the walkways, if so, when?
ii) If not, why? and what other alternative ways are there are to help the student to get to the school easier and safer apart from going around the SK Tg. Batu.

9. To ask the Honourable Minister of Infrastructure Development and Communications to state:
i) the standard for provisions of public parking spaces at government buildings,
ii) the parking plans and parking spaces for the public visiting the government complexes in Bintulu, especially for the area at the post office, national registration and the new building next to it, as well as other government buildings and offices all built together there.
iii) whether the public vehicles are allowed to enter the gate and park in the compound of the government office building when visiting the office.

10. To ask the Honourable Minister of Infrastructure Development and Communications to state:
i) the total cost of the main water pipe laying project from Bintulu to Similajau,
ii) whether a tender was called for the construction project, if so how many companies participated in the tender, if not why?
iii) the reasons for specifying a particular brand name pipe for use with regards to other compatible products available,
iv) the date of completion of the project.

Chiew Chiu Sing.

1. 请尊贵的州财政部长说明:


i) 到目前为止所获得的数额及类别,
ii) 从联邦和州及其他方面拨款的输送分配,
iii) 为确保透明,政府所采取的步骤,
iv) 到目前为止,刺激计划对本地经济造成的影响。

2. 请问尊贵的州环境及公共卫生部长:

i) 在整个砂劳越州,基孔肯亚热病对人类传染的情况,
ii) 公共卫生部门所采用的检验方法,以及其过程所需的时间,
iii) 为扑灭和控制该病毒传播,卫生部所采取的步骤;以及是否有其防疫苗,
iv) 至今为止,展开的喷雾范围和成效。

3. 请问尊贵的首席部长:

i) 在砂劳越,过去五年,在砂劳越的古晋,诗巫,民都鲁,美里及林梦等地,滥用毒品者的数字,请以
ii) 在预防毒品滥用,有关部会采取何种措施以遏止其来源,散布及使用者尤其是我们的青年,
iii) 警方在卡拉OK,夜店展开的及其他打击毒品的行动,成效如何。
iv) 滥用毒品与破屋偷窃,掳掠及其案件的关系。

4. 请尊贵的首席部长说明:

有关向州策划单位申请批准住宅/店屋发展计划的土地分割,或申请地契变 更的地契条件:

i) 在砂劳越州内各省份,仍然等待批准的数字,1至2年;3至5年;5至7年及7至10年或以上者,
ii) 普通一般获得批准所需的时间,需要长时间考虑批准的原因,及采取缩短时间的步骤,
iii) 面积10依甲或以上者的房屋发展计划,获得豁免建廉价住宅屋的数字,其原因是什么,若有。

5. 请尊贵的首席部长说明:

i) 距离美里飞机场朝马鲁帝市镇去的方向大约38公里外有个寸草不生,面积约有20尺足球场般大的20尺
ii) 是否已对该火山口的周遭和其填充物展开任何的调查,若有,调查结果如何,
iii) 政府对该处的未来计划是什么。

6. 请尊贵的州社会发展及城市化部长说明:

i) 民都鲁/美里大道26公里墓园的现状如何,
ii) 是否已经或将委任一个管理层打理该墓园,
iii) 墓地的洛分割计划,
iv) 该地区的基本建设及美化计划。

7. 请尊贵的基本设施发展暨通迅部长说明:


i) 在美丹再也和亚斯其淋商业中心之间的行人过道计划,
ii) 是否会建天桥,若有是何时?若无,是何原因?
iii) 让等待交通工具者使用的乘客登车处计划,
iv) 维持该处安全,整齐及清洁的管理。



i) 是否有建设永久雨盖小道计划,以确保学生安全和舒适的使用小道,若有,何时?
ii) 若无,为什么?除了绕道丹绒巴都小学以外,是否有其他方法,让学生们更方便和安全的去上学。

9. 请尊贵的基本发展暨通迅部长说明:

i) 政府建筑物提供公众泊车位的准则,
ii) 在民都鲁政府大厦一带,公众泊车和泊车计划。尤其是邮政局,国民登记局及隔邻的新大厦,以及其
iii) 公众到政府大厦办公厅处理事务,是否准许公众车辆进入关闸及停泊在政府办公大楼的停车位上。

10. 请尊贵的基本设施发展暨通迅部长说明:

i) 从民都鲁到士米拉爪铺设主要水管计划的总费用,
ii) 该工程计划有无招标,若有,有几间公司参与竞标,若无,为何?
iii) 有关其他适用水管,招标时指定使用特定品牌水管的原因,
iv) 该工程竣工的日期。


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