Thursday, October 8, 2009

Written Answers of Sarawak State Legislative Council by Ministers to Questions by State Assemblyman for Kidurong - DUN Sitting May 2009


5. To ask the Deputy Chief Minister and Minister for Infrastructure Development and Communications:

(1) Whether the Ministry plans to resurface the uneven road surface:-

(a) Bintulu/Miri Road from Mile 0 to Mile 6;

(b) Tanjung Kidurong Road from Mile 0 to junction with Nyabau Road. If so, when? If not, why?

(2) To add on a third lane to each side of the Tg. Kidurong Road if so when? If not why?


I wish to inform Ahli Yang Berhormat for Kidurong that-

1. (a) There is no specific plan to resurface this stretch of the road. However, routine maintenance shall be carried out regularly.

(b) There is a provision of RM2,500,000 for resurfacing of Tg. Kidurong Road. Tender shall be called to resurface a total of 10 km at various sections (in bad condition) of Tg. Kidurong Road.

2. The Government has no planning yet to widen Tg. Kidurong Road to a 3 lane dual carriageway with motorcycle lane. The tender to improve the junction with Tg. Batu Road near the mosque has been closed on 23.03.2009.

A contract is expected to be awarded soon.


To ask Minister of Public Utilities: (written answer)

6. (a) The reasons for the low water pressure as experienced by the folks at the first floor of the workshops of the Bintulu Service Industrial Estate at Mile 2, Jalan Sultan Iskandar.

(b) Steps that will be taken by the Ministry to solve the problem and when.


(a) For the information of Ahli Yang Berhormat for Kidurong, a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) was installed by LAKU to control the pressure at 2 bar in view of the frequent pipe bursts in the area. This stopped the pipe burst effectively. However, there were complaints of low pressure as reported in a local newspaper on 4th April 2009. Investigation was carried out to establish the cause. The pressure recorded in the water mains was 1.8 bar during peak period, which is slightly lower than the designed pressure of 2 bar. The PRV setting was then adjusted to 2.5 bar on 10th April 2009. Immediately there was a pipe burst. After the repair, the situation seems to stabilize with 2.5 bar. The minimum pressure at peak hours recorded after the adjustment was 2.3 bar which is higher than the designed guideline of 2 bar.

Subsequently, LAKU issued letters to all the consumers in the area on 23rd April 2009 informing them what had been done to improve the pressure. When asked by LAKU's staff, the consumers informed that the pressure has improved.

(b) LAKU has checked the communication pipes and confirmed that they have been changed to HOPE pipes apart from the meter stand. LAKU will replace some meter stands to HOPE stands to see if the situation will further improve. If it cannot be further improved, the consumers will have to check their internal plumbing system, which may be the cause of the low pressure.

Soalan DUN Dari YB Chiew Chiu Sing (N.59 - Kidurong)

(Written answer) Question 7: To ask the Minister of Urban Development and Tourism:

"What are the steps that will be taken by the Ministry to solve the frequent flooding due to slightly heavier rain at:

(a) In front of House No. 275 area, Sg. Plan Resettlement Scheme,

(b) In front of House No 62 area, Taman Bamboo. Whether the earth drain along side the Taman road could be substitute with a concrete drain, if so when? If not, why?


For the information of the Ahli Yang Berhormat for Kidurong, the Bintulu Development Authority (BDA) is implementing drainage improvement works in the areas mentioned by the Ahli Yang Berhormat.

a) For Sg. Plan Resettlement Scheme, BDA is currently carrying out works to upgrade existing earth drains to concrete drains. The value of the drainage works is RM2.8 Million.

b) For Taman Bamboo, BDA has called tender to upgrade the earth drain into concrete drain. The estimated value of the drainage works is RM2.6 Million.

With these improvement works, it is expected that the flooding problems in the two areas would be resolved. In view of this, there is no necessity for my Ministry to take additional steps to address the flooding problems thereat.


9. To ask the Deputy Chief Minister and Minister for Infrastructure Development and Communications:

State the measures that will be taken by Government to alleviate the traffic jam during breaks of school hours at SMK Baru, as the two lane road has no provisions for parking or turning and is giving much hardships to road users there while picking up the students after school.


Saya ingin memaklumkan Ahli Yang Berhormat bagi Kidurong bahawa Jalan Masuk ke SMK Baru merupakan sebahagian kontrak pembinaan SMK Baru. Oleh yang demikian, jalan tersebut adalah di bawah bidangkuasa Jabatan Pendidikan.

Pelebaran jalan dan pembinaan tempat letak kereta mungkin dapat membantu mengurangkan kesesakan di jalan tersebut namun Jabatan Pendidikan perlu menyerahkan jalan berkenaan kepada agensi yang berwajib untuk penyelengaraan atau dinaiktaraf.


10. To ask the Minister for Environment and Public Health:
Whether a fire engine together with some firemen could be provided to station in the Tatau town, Bintulu. If so, when? If not, why?


Dato Sri Speaker,
For the information of Ahli Yang Berhormat for (N. 59) Kidurong, currently, only a Voluntary Fire Station has been set up at Tatau Town. Jabatan Bomba had submitted a proposal to build a Fire Station, at Tatau under the 9th Malaysia Plan. To date, no allocation has been approved.

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