Thursday, September 24, 2009

Armed Gang Robbery at Taman Pearl (Chinese & English Text)













Media Statement by Chiew Chin Sing, Chairman DAP Bintulu Branch,DAP Sarawak Deputy Chairman and Sarawak State Assemblyman for Kidurong on 24th September, 2009:

State assemblyman for Kidurong Chiew Chin Sing urged the police to look seriously into the gang robbery at Taman Pearl night before.

Chiew said that the police must act quickly and precisely to break up the gang in the shortest time possible.

He said that according to report, that night at about 9, a gang of 4 to 6 persons armed with knives went into a home and robbed off valuables from the 2 sisters who were in the house. They also took other valuables from the house and even hurt one of the girls.

We cannot accept robbers in gang armed with knives and other weapons roaming our street and robbing our homes as they like. By Gosh, this is a democratic country and a country rule by laws. The people paid taxes to the government, so that the government can manage our security to give us peace, security and protection for our property. Regretfully, the situation is getting from worse to worst, snatching and stealing crimes are happening everyday. Is there really no more cure for this anymore and our rule of law is crumbling?

In Bintulu, break-in into homes and stealing has been happening everyday for the past 2 months. First, it was the stealing of luxury cars and now everyday there is one or two cases of break-ins to homes stealing laptops, hand phones, cash, valuables etc.

Those were petty thefts by one or two person with simple tools. But today it has turned into gang robbers carrying weapons going into peoples home to rob, as if there is no more law. They could not even see the enforcement people in their eyes having no respect for them. This must not happen in our country.

As I observe and if these petty thefts are not stopped immediately, I am concerned that it may become worse and by the time we realize it, it may already be too late. The petty theft had transformed into gang robbery now. That is why about a week ago, I had issued an open statement to call on the government to come up with a set of solutions to overcome the rampant snatching and stealing crimes so as to restore the confident of the people in the government.

Chiew also said that it is still clear in his mind that about this time last year gang robbers carrying knives, went into peoples home at early morning hours, tied up the older folks and robbed off cash, and other valuables. Sometimes they hurt the home owners and even one was killed. That went on for about over 2 months until the DUN meeting when I attempted to move a motion on it and after that a gang was caught at Sibiew area and silenced the gang robbery for quite a while.

Today it is most regrettable that the gang robbery is back and I call on the government and all units to work together, while the police to go all out and nib the snatching, stealing and gang robbery crimes at its bud. So that Bintulu could be free from such crimes.

I hope that the Barisan National government can treat combating the crime in Bintulu as important and give full support so as to give back the peace and security of the society to the people there and win back their confidence in the government.

Chiew Chin Sing.

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