Wednesday, August 19, 2009

On BN Swapping SUPP Kidurong Seat

On BN Swapping SUPP Kidurong Seat.

I think it is a BN political gimmick to try to win the sympathy of the people here to win back the Kidurong seat, saying that they have lost twice and cannot afford to loose again, thus calling on folks here to vote for them.

But people in Bintulu know better. Generally, a lot of people here are unhappy with the BN policies.

People here want more democracy, able to participate in the running of the day to day affairs that is affecting their live in the local government.

They are also worried about the renewal of the land where they have to pay a hefty sum when the lease is up. And the expiry date is not that many years away.

And they are angry about their land which is under section 47. which had been ‘frozen’ for 30 over years and yet still not released. Worst still, the BN staged a walk out during the May, 2209, DUN sitting, when we moved a motion for law reform for automatic renewal and land for 99 years and land under section 47 when not used in two years be automatically released.

Then there is the NCR land which the rural people are still waiting for the land title.

And then there is the Aluminum Smelting plant . People here do not want the plant, yet the government just go on anyway. Such ‘government knows best’ attitude people here cannot accept.

Then the LNG plant, right outside our doors steps, of all the huge profits made, we in Sarawak only get 5%.

So, I say the whole BN swapping of the Kidurong seat it is a gimmick, and people ought to watch out and not fall in it.

At any rate, whether it is BN-SUPP, BN-PRS or BN SPDP, it still BN, and people here are tired of the BN indifferences. The people want change.

Election in Kidurong had always not been easy. It had always been close. Our election machinery is weak, we lack money, manpower etc. Fighting BN is always not easy, anywhere in Sarawak., But we try and do our best, trusting in our people, believing that they will make the best judgment in what is best for themselves and their children and the country.

In Kidurong here, we won 3 state elections and lost the by election. SUPP won 2 times, including the by election

Chiew Chin Sing.
19th Aug. 2009

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