Saturday, February 2, 2013

Drainage System Needs Urgent Up Grading at Pasar Utama, Bintulu.

Kidurong State Assemblyman  Chiew Chin Sing called on The Bintulu Development Authority to do a total up grading of the first floor drainage system of Pasar Utama, Bintulu, so that the hawkers there can concentrate on doing their businesses.

He said that the present drainage system is old already and the many repairs done before really does not solve the leaking to the fish and vegetable markets below or the 'flooding'  in the stalls at the first floor.

"BDA must look that this matter seriously and take actions quickly to solve the problems."

Chiew said that he has not heard of similar problems in  other markets in other towns of Sarawak. So the way that BDA handle the problem must be among  the worst in the State.

Chiew also said that the channel of complains at the Market is also not satisfactory. Though there is an office set up at the market, but complains still have to be done through the hot lines. 

"I mean why can't the officer there see the problem and get help to solve it right the way, instead of letting the fish and vegetable sellers as well as the  customers suffer,  waiting for weeks at times to get the leaks repaired."

"But still,  the crux of the problem is that BDA lacks people representation. There is no council and no councillors to represent the voice of the peoples. Moreover the management is loosing  its touch with the people whom they are suppose to serve."

"I can understand the frustrations of the hawkers at the market as they have already made so many complains to BDA before and yet the problem is still not solved."  

I am also disappointed with some of the working attitudes of BDA and I hope that they are not taking the 'opening one eye while shutting the other' attitude while dealing with the problem.

Pasar Utama, Bintulu is a major activity area in Bintulu,, each day so many people come and go, thus  environment cleanliness and health is important. It is important not only for the public but also for the hawkers as well, as it affects their businesses. 

It is most regrettable that after so many calls for help by the hawkers, yet the action by BDA is still so slow in coming. 

BDA must remember that each and every complain by the people is important and must be taken seriously and quickly as it is their rights as tax payers. There is no need in this case for the the people to contact their  elected representatives to make a complain and only then action is taken. 

Chiew Chin Sing 2012.2.2
 The vegetables hawkers had to buy a canvas to protect themselves from the splashing/leaking drain water from food stalls above.
Stall operators up stairs have to dish out this kind of water every day, before they can start their business.

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