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Diesel Shortage 柴油短缺-Chinese & English text









 人们欢迎政府礙定政策幫助人民,但是幫助人民也要幫的得体,而方法可以有很多且要实行的对。但是,如左手1.8零吉可買 到,而右手,加开支,可以3.0零吉左右卖出,这样的津贴制肯定会出问题,而实事也就是如此,所以津贴制已经被利用了。



Media Statement by Chiew Chin Sing, State Assemblyman for Kidurong, Sarawak, Sarawak DAP Deputy Chairman and DAP Bintulu Branch Chairman on the 28.6.2012.

State Assemblyman for Kidurong Chiew Chin Sing called on the government
to seriously resolve the problem once and for all of the frequent
diesel shortage in  Bintulu.

He said that diesel users had to run from one gas station to another
and sometimes up to 4 or 5 gas stations just to buy diesel for their
cars, and still could not get it. This is not only time wasting but
most frustrating also, not to mention the lost business opportunities
of  businessman.

Chiew said that this is not right and cannot be, for a country which
is producing oil to be out of diesel. It is simple arithmetic of how
much oil the people need and how diesel the oil company is supplying,
there is then, no reason  that there could be shortage.

But today the fact of the matter is that, people often cannot buy the
diesel, there is just non around. This is another show case example of
the failure of the government of the day to good governance.
Corruption and abuse of power had made it difficult for the people.

On the surface of it, subsidies look like good policy trying to help
those who really need it. But today it is exactly these people who
could not even buy the diesel. So how could the government say that
they are helping them ?

It is hard to believe that doesnt the government know the effect
such policy  could cause , when on one hand diesel at gas station is
sold at RM 1.8 per litre while the diesel for industrial use is sold
more than RM 3.0 per litre.
A  policy like this is not helping the people but only creating more
trouble because it is a failed policy which had been abused and can no
longer work.

The people welcome the government in making policies to help the
people. But this has to be done the right way. There are many ways
that we can help those in need, but not when the left hand can buy it
for RM 1.8 while the right hand can sell it for RM3.0, plus expenses.
Such policy is doomed to fail and that is what is exactly happening
today. The subsidies policy had been abused.

I therefore call on the government to study again the diesel subsidy
police and come up with a more complete and healthy system to solve
the problem of frequent diesel shortage.

Chiew Chin Sing

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