Tuesday, August 9, 2011

No Chairman Appointed Yet To The Sarawak State Disaster Relief Committe

Media Statement by Chiew Chin Sing, Chairman DAP Bintulu Branch , DAP Sarawak Deputy Chairman and Sarawak State Assemblyman for Kidurong on 3rd Aug., 2011

No Chairman Appointed Yet To The Sarawak State Disaster Relief Committe

The Sarawak State Assemblyman for Kidurong Chiew Chin Sing said that it is shocking that the post of the chairmanship of the Sarawak State Disaster Relief Committee has up to this day not been filled and it had been like that for many months already!

I call on the Taib government to look into this matter seriouIy and quickly appoint the Chairmanship post as we cannot afford to waste anymore time on this anymore.

Chiew said that the function and responsibility of the State Disaster Relief Committee is exceedingly significant and enormous. And if there is no one in charge at the time when disaster hit, it will be the people who will suffer most.

I am disappointed that though matters of disaster draught relief was brought up in the recently concluded June State Legislature Meeting, it seemed like what had transpired was that they found out that they do not have a chairman. Yet rural folks are running out of water already.

Chiew pointed out that with the arrival of the dry seasons, rainfalls is getting less and less. Many rural folks are running out of drinking water and some may be out of water completely soon. Today they are waiting for the government to do something to help them and sent water for relief.

“ But what I read in the newspaper was that the State Assemblywoman for Meradong (DAP), The Honourable Ting Tze Fui was renting the truck to sent water in water tank to longhouses in her area herself ! What may I know is the government doing then?”
The Government talks a lot about ‘Peoples’ First’ concept, let see that it is not only heard done but seen to be done, so that whatever the government does she does it in the interest of the people.

Chiew Chin Sing.

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