Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Freedom of Association is a Constituional Right (English & Chinese Text)

Media Statement by Chiew Chin Sing, Chairman DAP Bintulu Branch , DAP Sarawak Deputy Chairman and Sarawak State Assemblyman for Kidurong on 7th July 2011.

State Assemblyman for Kidurong Chiew Chin Sing said that it is most unreasonable and unecessary for the Bintulu Police to arrest the 18 persons in yellow shirt while drinking tea at a coffee shop at Parkcity commerce square, Bintulu on the 9th of July.

Chiew said that what is wrong with the public pulling a few tables together in coffee shops and drinking tea and what is wrong with wearing yellow shirts ? The police ought to know that freedom of association is a right for all as enshrine in our constitution and all ought to respect that. As for what color shirt to wear, freedom of choice is also a basic right in our constitution.

The police is being over sensitive in this matter and this is indeed very disappointing. So what have been accomplished after spending so much time and energy arresting the 18 and all.

We know that the police are working under orders from the PM and the Home Minister. But the Honourable two had been busy opposing a proposal for clean election last week. I really cannot comprehend how anyone could be opposing proposal for clean election. I mean, do we really want to keep a bad election system only that they can use unfair and dirty tatics to win.

The Honorable two have been hiding behind the police using all the government machinery and resources oppressing and suppressing the Bersih people just so that they can hold on to be the government as long as they wish.

So what is so frightenting of the Bersih people afterall ? aren’t they all peace loving Malaysians working for the greater interest and love for Malaysia?

I am sure that the police is well aware of this also, just like the police in Kuching, they did not arrest any of the twelve DAP State Assemblyman taking breakfast with the supporters at coffee shop and later went around selling Rocket news and registering voters. This is because the police there understoodd and respect these basic rights and that the police must operate independently.

Therefore, I call on the Sarawak Police to cancell all summons issured with regard to the arrest and to immediate ly release all those still detained.

Chiew Chin Sing.





我明白警方的工作是受首相与内正部长的指示。但是他们两位於上星期对提倡我国廉洁选举的人士一直的都在反对且给予种种的刁难。我真不明白首相与部长是怎样想的,连人民在提倡选举要廉洁, 他们也要反对。难道是要我国的选举续继的腐败下去,为了是他们能用肮脏的手段来赢的选举?



我相信对于这些,警方也都是很清楚的. 就好像古晋的警察,他们对行动党十二名议员与支持者在古晋吃早餐,之后又展开了活动,也都没有抓人,他们只是一直的在观察。因为他们了解及尊重他人的权力,而且他们也知道警方是不遍担任何一方的。



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